Event Security Tips

A vital part of planning any event is to make adequate arrangements for event security. The level of security required at an event will depend on several factors. The most important factors are number and type of people who will attend the event. If celebrities, politicians, corporate leaders, or well known people are attending, you will need to make special arrangements for them. Some celebrities may bring their personal bodyguards, others may not. In either case you must make sure that such people get adequate security, and also that their guards do not harass other guests.

It is always advisable to consult an expert while arranging for event security. Experts who are familiar with these issues will be able to foresee problems and suggest precautionary measures. Employing an expert will also increase the confidence of the people who are invited. It is advisable to have a person who is familiar with the venue and the surrounding areas during the threat assessment session.

As event manager, you will have to decide the number and kind of personnel you will hire, as well as the equipment required. Properly trained personnel may charge more, but are better equipped to deal with situations where timely intervention makes all the difference. Personnel with Security Industry Authority licenses are required if important guests are invited.

If you are organising an event where a large number of people are expected to come, you have to make arrangements for their safety by employing crowd control experts. You also need to make sure that there are adequate parking attendants and traffic control assistants. These jobs cannot always be done by volunteers and properly trained personnel are mandatory, especially to deal with emergency situations like fire or natural calamities. In such situations, the event security team has to make sure that the crowd is evacuated systematically because panic spreads very quickly in large gatherings and may lead to disastrous consequences.

Often the use of CCTV can help cut costs by reducing the number of staff required on the ground.  The advantage of the latest CCTV systems is that the footage of these cameras can be sent through the internet to any location. They can be made to tilt, pan or zoom through wireless commands, and may have video analysis software meaning that they can be programmed to identify certain kinds of movements. They can also be connected to other devices like automatic doors, fire alarms, and card readers, providing security without human intervention.

Good event security agencies have ex-servicemen in their teams and use cutting edge technology to ensure that security arrangements are non-intrusive but foolproof.

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