Requirements, Functions and Duties of a Security Professional

The need of security guards is felt in almost every sector these days. People from almost every sphere need protection for their valuable assets. Be it a small or a big business firm, a simple employer, a celebrity or a politician – everyone needs security from threats that may appear any time. Places like museums, airports, nightclubs and other public venues are often subjected to severe threats. Evidently, security professionals are in great demand and such security jobs have certain requirements.

Generally, candidates for these types of security jobs need to fulfil the following requirements:

* A security supervisor needs to have a license issued by a recognised official
* In most cases, a high school degree is preferred
* A specialised training in the field of security and protection is necessary
* Computer literacy is an add-on
* A security professional should be prepared for transfers to different places without prior notice
* Must be acquainted with the operation of necessary technological instruments like surveillance camera and certain monitoring devices
* In many cases, possession of travel license is asked for
* Physical fitness is a must have. Strong eye-sight and hearing power is also necessary
* Loyalty is a very important aspect that is looked for in security personnel

While the primary function of security personnel is to keep a strict vigil over people, properties and assets, they are entitled to perform a host of other functions too. Some of these are as follows:

* Must be alert of illegal activities that might take place within the area of operation
* Has to handle a threatening situation as and when required
* Must relay expertise to the security staffs whenever a need arises
* Must handle adverse situations with tact
* Must have necessary information in hand so as to call the police, paramedics or fire brigade office at time of emergencies
* Might have to act as a law enforcer in some cases
* Must have the endurance to act immediately when a situation calls for attention
* Must be ready to face whole day shifts whenever required. In such cases they need to retain their focus in spite of the fatigue and stress
* Might have to bear the exposure to potentially dangerous situations and tackle them properly.

For these security jobs, the person might have to undergo rigorous training. The training process usually involves unarmed combat and firearm tactics. They might also be trained in providing escorts to a specific event, crowd screening, searching luggage and analysing risk assessment.

Usually security personnel are of specific types:

* Proprietary: those who are in charge of shopping centres, airports and public hang-outs
* Private Patrol Officers: those who are in charge of vehicle and building security
* Parapolice: those who are engaged in criminal investigations
* Contract-based: those who work for private companies and individuals

People who are looking for a career in this kind of security job field need to know the requirements properly. Licenses like the SIA need to be issued before applying for suitable jobs.

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