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Security Jobs In The UK

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

There are many security jobs in UK that include working as manned guards, management of security, retail security, alarms, and fraud and investigation. But before you apply for jobs such as manned guards, you will need to have the proper qualifications and experience as that is a prerequisite for being employed. There are many institutions that provide proper education and the qualifications are also tailored to meet the exacting requirements of manned guarding etc, which as stated is necessary if you want to become employed in the security field in the United Kingdom.

Some of the qualifications that you will require are to understand the roles as well as responsibilities of what it takes to be a security officer or manned guard and knowing the communications as well as conflict management needs pertaining to manned guard jobs. And, once you have the required qualifications and are ready to begin working as a security officer in the UK you must then have some way of finding employers and so you need to check out various staffing agencies, where you can find everything from single vacancies to the whole works as far as security staffing is concerned.

If you get in touch with a company such as this you will be instantly exposed to thousands of security job openings that cover almost all the different disciplines in security jobs. You can get your CV listed which will then be perused by clients in need of staff and which will see whether your credentials are suitable for the many job openings.

And, there is also the British Security Industry Association that is a trade association pertaining to every kind of job in security in the United Kingdom whose aim is to help companies get the very best as far as security is concerned. Another useful organization that can help companies looking for security staff in the United Kingdom is the Guild of British Security Officers which does not operate on profit making principals and which gives members an opportunity to view news, employment and career information regarding security jobs in the UK and there is also a discussion forum where members can interact and pick up tips on how to find suitable jobs.

As a job seeker looking for security jobs in the United Kingdom there are a number of organizations that deal with online as well as offline recruitment in this profession and another good source for finding jobs is Bradley CVs that provides the complete services required for hunting down jobs and it also makes CVs that are sure to get you an interview and possible employment. Also, it is also a good place for getting valuable as well as free advice that also includes knowing about proper CVs and covering letter drafting and you can also get valuable tips on succeeding in interviews that are especially geared to the UK market and security in particular and where you can find more than one hundred thousand jobs.

Requirements, Functions and Duties of a Security Professional

Friday, September 10th, 2010

The need of security guards is felt in almost every sector these days. People from almost every sphere need protection for their valuable assets. Be it a small or a big business firm, a simple employer, a celebrity or a politician – everyone needs security from threats that may appear any time. Places like museums, airports, nightclubs and other public venues are often subjected to severe threats. Evidently, security professionals are in great demand and such security jobs have certain requirements.

Generally, candidates for these types of security jobs need to fulfil the following requirements:

* A security supervisor needs to have a license issued by a recognised official
* In most cases, a high school degree is preferred
* A specialised training in the field of security and protection is necessary
* Computer literacy is an add-on
* A security professional should be prepared for transfers to different places without prior notice
* Must be acquainted with the operation of necessary technological instruments like surveillance camera and certain monitoring devices
* In many cases, possession of travel license is asked for
* Physical fitness is a must have. Strong eye-sight and hearing power is also necessary
* Loyalty is a very important aspect that is looked for in security personnel

While the primary function of security personnel is to keep a strict vigil over people, properties and assets, they are entitled to perform a host of other functions too. Some of these are as follows:

* Must be alert of illegal activities that might take place within the area of operation
* Has to handle a threatening situation as and when required
* Must relay expertise to the security staffs whenever a need arises
* Must handle adverse situations with tact
* Must have necessary information in hand so as to call the police, paramedics or fire brigade office at time of emergencies
* Might have to act as a law enforcer in some cases
* Must have the endurance to act immediately when a situation calls for attention
* Must be ready to face whole day shifts whenever required. In such cases they need to retain their focus in spite of the fatigue and stress
* Might have to bear the exposure to potentially dangerous situations and tackle them properly.

For these security jobs, the person might have to undergo rigorous training. The training process usually involves unarmed combat and firearm tactics. They might also be trained in providing escorts to a specific event, crowd screening, searching luggage and analysing risk assessment.

Usually security personnel are of specific types:

* Proprietary: those who are in charge of shopping centres, airports and public hang-outs
* Private Patrol Officers: those who are in charge of vehicle and building security
* Parapolice: those who are engaged in criminal investigations
* Contract-based: those who work for private companies and individuals

People who are looking for a career in this kind of security job field need to know the requirements properly. Licenses like the SIA need to be issued before applying for suitable jobs.

Event Security Tips

Friday, August 20th, 2010

A vital part of planning any event is to make adequate arrangements for event security. The level of security required at an event will depend on several factors. The most important factors are number and type of people who will attend the event. If celebrities, politicians, corporate leaders, or well known people are attending, you will need to make special arrangements for them. Some celebrities may bring their personal bodyguards, others may not. In either case you must make sure that such people get adequate security, and also that their guards do not harass other guests.

It is always advisable to consult an expert while arranging for event security. Experts who are familiar with these issues will be able to foresee problems and suggest precautionary measures. Employing an expert will also increase the confidence of the people who are invited. It is advisable to have a person who is familiar with the venue and the surrounding areas during the threat assessment session.

As event manager, you will have to decide the number and kind of personnel you will hire, as well as the equipment required. Properly trained personnel may charge more, but are better equipped to deal with situations where timely intervention makes all the difference. Personnel with Security Industry Authority licenses are required if important guests are invited.

If you are organising an event where a large number of people are expected to come, you have to make arrangements for their safety by employing crowd control experts. You also need to make sure that there are adequate parking attendants and traffic control assistants. These jobs cannot always be done by volunteers and properly trained personnel are mandatory, especially to deal with emergency situations like fire or natural calamities. In such situations, the event security team has to make sure that the crowd is evacuated systematically because panic spreads very quickly in large gatherings and may lead to disastrous consequences.

Often the use of CCTV can help cut costs by reducing the number of staff required on the ground.  The advantage of the latest CCTV systems is that the footage of these cameras can be sent through the internet to any location. They can be made to tilt, pan or zoom through wireless commands, and may have video analysis software meaning that they can be programmed to identify certain kinds of movements. They can also be connected to other devices like automatic doors, fire alarms, and card readers, providing security without human intervention.

Good event security agencies have ex-servicemen in their teams and use cutting edge technology to ensure that security arrangements are non-intrusive but foolproof.

Event Security Services for You and your Company

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Are you looking for security personnel?

There are various agencies that offer you security services. If you are hosting an event, you cannot ignore the event security factor; the absence of efficient security personnel at your event could lead to a lot of safety issues, disorganisation and complete mayhem. Why take the risk? It is better to be safe than sorry. You can look for security agencies online. This method is a quick, easy and hassle free way to cater to your needs of hiring security.

If you are in London, you can gain access to some very good and reliable security services. Security services in London are of exceptional quality. When you require event security, you can hire them from a London agency and have total peace of mind knowing that your event will go off smoothly.

Know about the importance of event security London

Event security is a serious issue. Security personnel offering their services at any event should be efficient, alert and skilful. Be it a corporate event, a celebrity wedding, or any other kind of event, security has to be strong. Event security services in London supply ex-military personnel and ex-police for certain events which demand extra protection and security.

Various kinds of event security services you can ask for

You might want to hire London based security service for several occasions and events.

* You can request for VIP security services as well as bodyguard services. A good event security service should be able to provide security by implementing technologies like access control, CCTV cameras, vehicle tracking, biometric security and remote monitoring.

* The bodyguards provided by security agencies are efficient in offering close protection. You can also ask for round-the-clock bodyguards for offering security. Celebrities and VIPs can obtain services of bodyguards for additional security. Bodyguard personnel are hand-picked for matching the requirements of clients.

* You can also request for event stewards to ensure safety at any kind of event. Event stewards are very efficient in controlling crowds and also helping to keep the event organized with no disruption.

* Trained security personnel are provided to celebrities across London. The security staff is very reliable and celebrities feel totally at ease and secure with them around.

What you need to look for

Make sure that the security services agency is providing you adequately trained security personnel. The staff should be professional and reliable in the manner they deliver their services. Look for security services which match the British standards.

Whenever you arrange for an event, it is wise to have security services. We often hear of anti-socials causing disruption because of their unscrupulous activities and vandalism. You definitely don’t want to take such chances during an event you are organizing. You should ensure total security and safety at any event that you organize; for this, employing security services is absolutely essential.

Not only events, security services are offered to you individually also if you are a VIP or a celebrity. London event security services offer unparalleled services, so make a wise choice and choose the best you can find in the security service industry.

Security is a Must for All Celebrities

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Celebrities worldwide require special protection due to their raised profile making them keen targets for kidnappers and stalkers. They belong not only to the glamour and fashion world but also from the world of arts, sports, business and politics. Despite having the glamour and the money, these high profile people rarely have a normal social life. They are always surrounded by their body guards even on their personal vacations. They are always in danger of losing their lives and property. Hence, they hire private security agencies to protect themselves.

Since these people are vulnerable targets, the specialised security that they require can come at a high price, which is something these people can very easily afford. They are protected by the best agencies, providing extensively trained and highly experienced staff. Security guards can protect the wealth, property and the lives of celebrities. If you want a glimpse of this tight security, then just look at the red carpet of any film festival. Every celebrity has guards with specialised responsibilities, and all the individual guards are in turn managed by the head guard or a security manager. Privacy is one aspect which these people have to compromise on, whilst working their way up to stardom.

Celebrity security guards need to be extra alert and attentive. They must be responsible for their activities since they are entrusted with the lives of important personalities. They should make the environment in which their rich clients move, as much free from danger as possible. Whenever there is a social gathering which a celebrity has to attend, the guards serving him or her personally visit the venue beforehand and check it thoroughly for any possible threats. They also check out the venue for the security arrangements there.

Celebrities and high profile figures have access to the latest security gadgets in their homes for their protection. They are usually transported about in customised luxurious cars which are often bullet proof and they do not have the freedom of opening the windows of these cars. Any security detail will usually accompany their clients everywhere they go, to ensure their safety at all times. A convoy of cars often accompanies the vehicle of an important personality which makes it difficult for any outsider to tell which car the celebrity is being transported.

With a rise in fame, producing mass media attention, bodyguards become ever more important to the lives of celebrities and movie stars.

Event Stewards Ensure a Safe and Smooth Event

Friday, October 16th, 2009
If you are looking for well trained event stewards, then it will be best to opt for good event security services. While arranging an event, the security factor cannot be ignored, especially in these times when terrorist activities are very common. If you look online, you will find agencies offering their services and event stewards for ensuring security in events or occasions.
Make sure that the event steward you are hiring for events like football matches or wedding receptions should be able to handle multiple tasks efficiently and carry out his responsibility expeditiously. Good event security services offer you the services of well trained event stewards who will be able to manage private events, student events, concerts, public functions, and other events.
Duties of an event steward
Look online for event security services and make a good choice. You can get event stewards who will be responsible for traffic management, venue security, cash or ticket collection, overnight guarding, backstage security, crowd management, and pit team security.
An event steward is an essential part of an event’s security. If you think that your event can do without event stewards, you may be in for some serious trouble as far as safety and crowd management is concerned.
Guidelines to follow when selecting event stewards
• Provide a proper briefing to all event stewards about the aspects of the event. Make sure you mention the venue, the time of opening and closing of the event, and the kind of the attendees.
• If you are expecting a big crowd at your event, make sure you inform the event stewards about that. If it is not known beforehand, handling a large crowd may pose to be a problem for the stewards.
• Tell your event steward about the venue plan coupled with all the fire exits, amenities, access points, and an emergency plan elaborating evacuation procedures. You can also provide them a list of the event performers, delegates, or exhibitors together with their names and the unit shell numbers.
• Ensure that all stewards are highly trained for security purposes; they need to be alert and look for potential hazards during any event.
• Event stewards should all be wearing the same uniforms, so that they are easily visible.
• If you are having an event in the evening or in the night, make sure that you provide the stewards with high visibility jackets and torches.
• Check to see if the event stewards are provided with training for basic first aid assistance.
• If you are arranging for a day event, it is essential to work rotations with breaks.
• You may need event stewards for guiding vehicles, sort out behavioural problems, and clear the emergency exits.
When looking online for event security services, it is important to keep your budget in mind. Get a reputed company to offer you the services of event stewards and make sure that it fits your budget. First decide on the venue of the event, and then find out if the company offering event security services will be able to offer its services in your chosen location.